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Christina Moseley-Rolle, Author

The Reason Power Prayers was birthed for you!

Prayer and God’s word are key ingredients to a believer’s life. Trust me - it’s hard being a mother, wife and more especially in today’s society. As a pastor’s wife, I felt a burden for the women in my congregation who were struggling with spirituality. The global pandemic made it hard especially if you’re feeling alone hence the birth of this book. 


Believe it or not, 10-15 minutes with this journal can help you more than 1 hour of frustration trying to connect with God


Each day is different on purpose with some hard yet necessary questions. Every morning that I rose to journal and pray, I experienced God’s presence all around me. My thoughts flowed in a divine way and I believe the same can happen for you too. 


Prayer, faith and God’s word are your weapons to change and improve your life.  


Here’s what you will gain from this modern 21-day commitment: 

  • Practical ways on how to start over, at any age, on your walk with God 

  • Direction and clarity on the blindspots in your life that are holding you back

  • The ability to stop being confused and follow God’s instructions (while nervous) 

  • Wisdom on how to really acknowledge God in your daily activities beyond church


Fabulous, Focused, Fearless, Free


"Power Prayers journal is a life-changing book that takes you on a journey to view life through the eyes of faith. You will be uplifted to deepen your relationship with God. A must read for everyone desiring to grow in their prayer life."

​Apostle Gail V. McKinney Johnson

"I especially enjoyed the entry day on REST because it highlighted the importance of self care or downtime. Thank you Christina for sharing your heart and reminding busy women that God will help us when we fall short."

Candice Turnquest,

Non-Profit Executive Director and Coach

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